About Starter Company Plus

Starter Company Plus seeks to help entrepreneurs start, expand or grow a small business in their communities by providing training, grant funding of up to $5,000.00, and access to mentorship from local business leaders.

The August 16, 2019 deadline has now passed but we are beginning to accept intake for our next cohort. The deadline for submitting a completed business plan and cash flow projections for our next cohort is Monday, December 2, 2019 before 11:59PM. (continue reading for more detail).

If you are:

  • Not employed full time
  • Not in a full-time education program or returning to school
  • Not currently receiving funding from another Provincial entrepreneurship or business program
  • Not a previous recipient of Starter Company (Plus) grant
  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Ontario.

And are willing to:

  • Create and follow a business plan and a 2-year financial forecast
  • Agree to participate in bi-weekly training and mentoring meetings over a 3-month period
  • Agree to provide business reports to the Markham Small Business Centre for verification over a 3-month period.


  • Your business may be a fit with the Starter Company Plus program.  

Important Note:

We encourage all who are eligible to apply, we can help with your business plan but please be aware that preference to receive a grant will be given to those applicants whose proposals have a realistic plan for: 

  • Creating employment opportunities for individuals other than the business owner; and/or,
  • Opening a physical location outside of a home office; and/or,
  • Expanding an existing business; and/or,
  • Operating in a priority sector (e.g., Regulated professions, Scientific, Technical, Medical, Life Sciences services or Technologies that are market ready with demonstrated traction).

Take an Expression of Interest Survey here:


This expression of interest is not a complete application. In order to complete an application you must submit a substantially completed business plan including cash flow projections to msbc@markham.ca. Our program coordinator will help you get started by recommending training sessions and working with you to complete these documents.

Once you have been deemed eligible, you will be assigned a learning plan which includes attending training sessions. You will also have to complete a business plan and financial forecast, and submit it for evaluation. You can find the Business Plan and Financial Forecast Templates here: 

For example, a learning plan could include attending sessions on the following subjects:
·         Start-up Requirements
·         Financial Forecasting
·         Business Planning
·         Sales & Marketing 

Please check upcoming dates on our website: http://www.markham.ca/msbc

Interviews will be conducted and those who are selected to receive a grant will then begin three months of mentoring, starting in Feburary as they work towards executing their business plan. This is the second of a number of cohorts, so if your application is not selected for this cohort, there is the possibility that your application could be deferred for consideration in a subsequent cohort.