City of Markham Resources and Information

  • Markham Public Library's Business Page
  • Markham Public Library offers a number of helpful resources for businesses, particularly for those that are in the early stages of ideation, or looking for resources to enable them to grow faster, and build resilience. This page highlights numerous upcoming events, helpful blogs for business owners, along with resources that Markham Public Library subscribes to. 
  • Statistics and Demographics
    The City of Markham is fast growing and thriving. We have a growing business base, highly educated talent pool and a culturally diverse population. Learn more about our City through these statistics:
  • Markham Online Business Directory
    This is Markham's official online directory service. With over 11,000 listings, this is the region's largest directory of organizations, businesses, schools, tourist attractions, churches, agencies, and government offices.
  • BizPaL - Business Permits & Licences
    BizPaL is a free online service. It helps you get the permits and licences you need to open or expand your business.
  • Markham Home Occupations By-Law   
    Learn how to run a home business in Markham.

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