• Markham Public Library's Business Page
  • Markham Public Library offers a number of helpful resources for businesses, particularly for those that are in the early stages of ideation, or looking for resources to enable them to grow faster, and build resilience. This page highlights numerous upcoming events, helpful blogs for business owners, along with resources that Markham Public Library subscribes to. 
  • Statistics and Demographics
    Markham is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Ontario. It’s home to over 310,000 people and covers 212 square kilometres of land. More than 400 companies are headquartered in Markham.
  • Markham Online Business Directory
    This is Markham's official online directory service. With over 12,000 listings, this is the region's largest directory of organizations, businesses, schools, tourist attractions, churches, agencies, and government offices.
  • BizPaL - Business Permits & Licences
    BizPaL is a free online service. It helps you get the permits and licences you need to open or expand your business.
  • Ontario Business Program Guide
    Your resource for Ontario government programs for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Government Grants, Loans and Financing
    Find government grants, loans, and other ways to finance your business. Be sure to select the purpose of financing (to start up, hire employees, develop a new product, etc.), and select "Ontario" as your location.
  • Your Guide to Small Business
    This guide was made by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. It will help you find the tools you need to start a small business.
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Business
    This guide was made by Canada Business Ontario (CBO). It has information on federal and provincial government programs, services, and regulations.
  • Canada Business Ontario
    A one-stop-shop for information on federal and provincial government programs, services, and regulations.
  • Business Planning Resources
    Find business plan writing guides, templates, and samples.
  • Perfect Your Business Plan
    This Royal Bank guide helps you develop and improve your business plan.
  • Business Planning, Business Development Bank of Canada
    Your business plan is the most important document you will prepare. Learn how to make it strong!
  • Business Plan Guide, Canadian Youth Business Foundation
    A business plan is a business development map. It shows your destination and maps out your travel path. Learn how to create it!
  • Service Ontario
    Visit this website to register your business.
  • Small Business Tax Guide
    Learn about taxes for small businesses.
  • Tax and Reporting Information for New Businesses
    Learn about taxes and how to report them from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
  • Canada Revenue Agency
    Find tax information and file income tax returns electronically. You can also register your business here.
  • Small Business Financing
    Learn about the different types of financing that are available to you.
  • Conducting Business on The Internet
    If you have an export permit to sell your goods overseas, you also need one to sell over the Internet.
  • Strategies
    Get business information, tools, and support for your small business.
  • Markham Home Occupations By-Law   
    Learn how to run a home business in Markham.
  • Canadian Intellectual Property Office
    Learn about intellectual property in Canada from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).
  • E-Laws
    Access the consolidated laws of Ontario.
  • Government Of Canada Online
    Access all federal government departments and agencies.
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