Committee of Adjustment

NOTE: The City of Markham Committee of Adjustment is now transitioning to ePlan digital application submission platform. By 2020, all applications must be submitted through this eplan portal. Do visit the following link to learn more about this initiative:

The Committee of Adjustment is an independent body comprised of seven (7) members appointed by Council and authorized under Section 44 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.13, as amended, and Ontario Regulation No. 197/96 to consider applications for minor variance, permission and consent.

Planning Act Requirements

Posting of Signs

When an application is submitted, the Committee of Adjustment will provide the applicant with the required sign, and the date for the posting of the sign. Signs should be erected at least 14 days prior to the public hearing date for both consent and minor variance applications. Unless otherwise directed by the Secretary-Treasurer, the sign shall be posted in a location that is clearly visible and legible from a public highway, or other place to which the public has access. Signs shall not be obscured from view by vegetation or other obstructions.

A Declaration of the Posting of the Sign must be completed and signed by the individual who posted the sign. The Declaration must be completed in front of a Commissioner of Oaths. Commissioners are available to assist you at the Development Services Counter where the Committee of Adjustment applications are submitted.

If a sign is not posted before the required time, the application will be deferred to the next available meeting.

Notices of Hearing

The Planning Act requires Notices of Hearing to be mailed out to property owners within 60 metres of the subject property. The City of Markham mails Notices of Hearing to property owners within 120 metres of the subject property. Notices of Hearing are mailed out 14 days before a public hearing for both minor variance and consent applications.

Notices of Decision and Appeal Period

Verbal decisions will be provided by the Committee of Adjustment at the public hearing. Written decisions will be forwarded to relevant parties no later than 10 days from the making of the decision in accodance with the Planning Act 45(11) . If a member of the public would like to receive a copy of the Committees Decision, he/she must request a copy of the Decision from the Secretary-Treasurer in writing.

The Committee of Adjustment's Decision does not become final until 20 days from the public hearing for minor variance applications and 20 days from the mailing of the Decisions for consent applications, provided that no appeals have been received.

Appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal

When filing an appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, please note there will be a charge of $300.00 (a payment made payable to the Minister of Finance) and there will be an additional City of Markham administration fee of $224.00 (a separate cheque made payable to City of Markham) made at the time of the appeal submission to the Committee of Adjustment. Appeals are to be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee of Adjustment (Location: 101 Town Centre Blvd — Development Client Services Counter).

Local Planning Appeal Tribunal webpage/form:

Committee of Adjustment Members

  • Sally Yan
  • Patrick Sampson
  • Kelvin Kwok
  • Arun Prasad
  • Jeamie Reingold
  • Tom Gutfreund
  • Gregory Knight, Chair

Contact Information

For additional information, please contact: Secretary-Treasurer, Committee of Adjustment at the following:

Phone: 905-475-4721
Fax: 905-479-7768
Mail or in Person: Development Services Counter, 101 Town Centre Boulevard, Markham, Ontario, L3R 9W3