Engineering Services

The City’s Engineering Department is responsible for the planning, design approval, construction and inspection of engineering infrastructure projects. The department consists of the following four sections.

Infrastructure and Capital Projects

This section is responsible for:

  • coordinating and managing the design and construction of roads, sidewalks and trails, bridges, sewers and watermains;
  • updating the Development Charges (DC) Background Study;
  • overseeing the financial management of development charges related infrastructure including reviewing and approving development charges credit and reimbursement; and
  • representing the City and providing input on projects undertaken by the Province, the regional agencies, and adjacent municipalities.

Development and Environmental Engineering

This section is responsible for:

  • reviewing and approving technical reports and drawings submitted in support of development applications, including zoning amendment, subdivisions, and site plan applications;
  • identifying and securing conditions of approval of development applications;
  • developing and updating engineering standards, criteria, and guidelines for the design of roads, sidewalks and trails, sewers and watermains; and
  • coordinating and managing environmental studies and policies to mitigate the impacts of development on the natural environment.

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This section is responsible for:

  • developing transportation and traffic engineering policies, plans, design guidelines and operating practices to improve or expand the multi-modal transportation system in the City;
  • providing comments and development approval conditions related to reviews of development applications for their multi-modal transportation and traffic engineering requirements and for the transportation and traffic impacts that must be mitigated; and
  • managing traffic operations of the City road network to ensure safe and efficient movements of pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular traffic within the City road rights-of-way.

Municipal Inspections

This section is responsible for:

  • carrying out quality assurance and issuing acceptance and final assumption for all municipal infrastructures within new subdivisions and site plans;
  • administering financial securities submitted by developers as condition of approval of their developments;
  • reviewing and approving residential infill grading and servicing applications, tendering and administering construction contracts for residential infill service connection works, and inspecting final infill lot grading for undertaking security releases; and
  • reviewing and approving streetlighting designs in support of development applications.

The following documents are intended for use by City staff, Consulting Engineers, Designers, Developers and Contractors for designing and constructing engineering infrastructure that the City will own and operate.

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