The City of Markham has done a transportation planning study. It includes a four-point strategy for road improvements, transit, education, and policy. It will help the City plan its yearly projects and put them in place.

Read the documents below to learn about the study’s work to date:

Executive Summary [PDF]

  1. Background [PDF]
    1. MTPS-1994 Recommendations
    2. MTPS-2002 Builds on Non-Automotive Modes of Travel
    3. Key Transportation Issues
  2. Building The Plan Inputs to Analysis [PDF]
    1. Population and Employment
    2. Planned Road Improvements
    3. Travel Patterns
    4. Traffic Volumes
    5. Modes of Travel
    6. Public Participation
  3. Markham's Four-Point Plan [PDF]
    1. Elements of the Four-Point Strategy
    2. Rapid Transit System
    3. Road Network
    4. Policy Initiatives
  4. Rapid Transit [PDF]
    1. Education and Support Programs
    2. Rapid Transit Technology
    3. Development of Rapid Transit Corridors
    4. Yonge Street Corridor
    5. Highway 7 Corridor
    6. Warden Avenue Corridor
    7. Regulatory Approvals
    8. Funding
  5. Road Network [PDF]
    1. Road Analysis Methodology
    2. Modified Road Network
    3. Evaluation of the Modified Road Network
    4. Results of Analysis
    5. Additional Roadway Issues
    6. Key Road Network Recommendations
  6. Policy Initiatives [PDF]
    1. Protection of Land for Rapid Transit Corridors
    2. Optimization of Development along Transit Corridors
    3. Support and Designation of Mixed-Use Land Development
    4. Urban Design Guidelines to Support Non-Automotive Modes of Travel
    5. Development of a Parking Authority
    6. Markham Centre: A Catalyst for Future Development
  7. Education and Support Programs [PDF]
    1. Building Public Awareness
    2. Support Programs
  8. Conclusion: MTSP-2002 Action Plan [PDF]
    1. Appendix A: Highway 7 Corridor Population and Employment Growth [PDF]
    2. Appendix B: Modified Road Program [PDF]

For more information, please contact the City of Markham Engineering Department at 905-477-7000 extension 2393.