Application Fee
Type I
New detached infill residential construction of any size involving proposed grading and/or servicing works

Grading & Servicing Plan

(1 Plan)
$350 + HST
Type II
Residential addition of 50 m2 or more
Grading Plan required
$350 + HST
Type V

Service connection only

(May be combined with any of the types above)

Servicing Plan required
To be determined
Type VI 1
Revision Application – Only for previously accepted applications
As per Application Type
To be determined

 This Application Type is for revisions after a RGS Acceptance was issued previously.  It is NOT for re-submissions of an active application.  The fee for the Revision Subtype may vary based on the nature of the revision. Revised Plan shall be uploaded at the time of application. A notification will be sent to the applicant regarding the required fee subsequent to application prescreening.

Service Connection Fee is determined upon acceptance of the RGS Application in accordance to Bylaw 2002-276.

Application Type-II can be combined with Type-V when new service connection(s) are required with an addition.

Area of the addition is calculated, based on the area of ground level disturbance. This will determine the type of RGS application. Total area on all levels are used to determine the Lot Grading Undertaking Deposit amount.

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