1. The City’s Service Connection Installation Contract is awarded through an Open Tender Process managed by the City’s Procurement Department.  All qualified contractors are eligible to bid.  The contract is awarded to the lowest bidder.

  2. The Service Connection works to be carried out by the City Contractor include installation of new service connections within the City right-of-way (from the mainline in the road up to the front property line), decommissioning of existing service connections within the City right-of-way, and all related restoration works.

  3. Prior to tendering, the homeowner will receive a Quotation Letter from the Engineering Department based on an estimated cost.  Payment must be made in order for the service connection works to be included on the tendering list.

  4. Tendering takes place around March to August each year.  The final cost is adjusted upon completion of the tendering process, and the Engineering Department will advise the homeowner accordingly.

  5. The Construction Season for service connection works takes place between May 1st and October 31st of each year. Any work that is not completed prior to the end of the Construction Season is to be completed in the following year.

  6. After the service connection contract is awarded to the lowest bidding contractor, the installation of services are completed in 10-12 weeks.

  7. The City is to contact the homeowner, or representative, prior to installation advising of the approximate installation date.

  8. Preliminary works to prepare for construction begins immediately after the contract is awarded.  If the homeowner wishes to postpone the works, the homeowner must contact the Engineering Department in writing.  The cost of any preliminary works completed prior to the homeowner’s notification to postpone work is to be paid for by the homeowner.  Please note that a Demolition (or Building) Permit must be obtained prior to start of any service connection works.

  9. Quotations for service connection works expire at the end of each construction season.  Adjustment in cost may apply if work is postponed past the said construction season.
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