Residential Infill Grading and Servicing (RGS) Application Process

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Download a copy of the Residential Infill Grading and Servicing (RGS) Application Information Package [PDF] and the Lot Grading Undertaking Release Request Form [PDF] 

Confirm whether the RIGS Application is applicable to your project.

If your project falls under any one of the conditions below, a RGS Application is NOT applicable:

  • The project has an active Severance Application under review and/or the severance process has not been completed (i.e. . municipal address not registered with Land Registry Office)
  • The project has an active Minor Variance Application under review and a decision has not be finalized
  • The project is on a Heritage Property
  • The project is within the Site Plan Control Area
  • The project is for a non-residential lot (institutional/commercial/industrial), or a non-single family lot (i.e. townhouse, semi-detached, condo, etc.).  Exceptions may apply to some situations for townhouses and semi-detached dwellings.  Please check with the Engineering Department.
  • Additions less than 50 square meters, or having no ground-level alterations.

Please see below and the RIGS Application Package for submission requirements and review process.

ePlan (online) Application

Online electronic submission for RGS applications through ePlan is now available.  Please note that hard copy or email submissions will no longer be accepted for new applications.  Applications that began with hard copy or email submission will continue by email until Final RGS Acceptance is issued.

Prior to making an ePlan submission, the applicant must have a registered account in ePlan.  Applicants may register a new account on the City’s website.  For more information on how ePlan works, please refer to the tutorial videos on the City’s website.  Also see the ePLAN Applicant Handbook and the ePLAN Submission Standards.

Construction and Inspections managed by the Engineering Department

Construction and Inspections managed by the Engineering Department

Service connection works within the municipal right-of-way are carried out by City contractors and inspected by the Engineering Department.  Homeowners are responsible to engage their own private contractor for the installation of private service connections from the house to the streetline.

Lot Grading is inspected and managed by the Engineering Department.  House construction is inspected and managed by the Building Standards Department.

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