1. Upon receipt of submission, the RIGS Application is circulated to the Engineering, Operations Roads and Tree Preservation Departments. Review and Acceptance from all three divisions are required prior to issuance of the Final RIGS Acceptance.
  2. Review Process
    1. The Engineering Department enters the applications into a review queue and review them in the order of submission date.
    2. Review time varies depending on the volume of applications received. Generally, the response time is 4 weeks minimum. Correspondence is by means of email only.
    3. If revisions to the drawing is required, an email is sent to the Applicant identifying the deficiencies and the revisions required. Often, comments from Operations Roads are sent by Engineering staff to the Applicant at the same time if the comments are ready, or they are sent separately. Tree Preservation corresponds review comments on the Tree Assessment and Preservation Plan (TAPP) and Arborist Report with the Applicant directly.
    4. The Engineering Department may return the plan without reviewing it if key information required to conduct the review is not provided (i.e. improper scale, insufficient grading and servicing information, etc.)
    5. Plan resubmissions are to be dropped off at the Development Services Counter with Transmittal and date stamp in order to enter into the review queue again. Two (2) hard copies of the revised plan are to be submitted.
  3. Once Engineering, Operations Roads, and Tree Preservation deem the plan acceptable, if service connection works are required, a Quotation to carry out the service connection works by a City Contractor will be sent to the Owner (and Applicant). Payment for the service connections works must be made by Bank Draft / Money Order / Certified Cheque prior to issuance of Final RIGS Acceptance. If service connection works are not required, the application proceeds to the next step.
  4. Upon receipt of payment for service connection works, or if not required, the Owner and/or Applicant will receive two email notifications:
    1. A RIGS Plan Accepted email with a copy of Accepted Plan attached. (Not issued for Type IV applications.)
    2. A RIGS Undertaking Deposit email with a copy of the Undertaking Document attached. (Not required for Type V applications.)
  5. The Undertaking Deposit is due for payment prior to issuance of Building Permit. Refer to the last page of the RIGS Application Package for the Lot Grading Undertaking Deposit Guide for applicable deposit amounts.
    1. Payment is to be made by Bank Draft / Money Order / Certified Cheque at the Development Services Counter.
    2. Owner to print, sign and submit hard copy of the Undertaking Form to the Development Services Counter.
  6. The Final RIGS Acceptance and payment of the Lot Grading Undertaking Deposit are required prior to issuance of Building Permit. For more details regarding Building Permit Applications, please contact the Building Standards Department.
  7. If revision to the grading and servicing design are required after the Final RIGS Acceptance is issued, a re-submission is required for review and re-acceptance. A review fee is required upon submission of the revised plan.
  8. In accordance to to City of Markham By-Law 211-83, a review fee is applied to each Engineering review subsequent to the third review at the discretion of the Engineering Department. For RIGS Applications, each additional review after the third review will be charged at a rate of $253 per hour for a minimum of 3 hours.
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