ePLAN has two parts:

  1. Online Portal (City Website) — Use the Markham ePLAN online portal from any computer at any time. You don’t need to use any special software. With ePLAN, you can:
    • create an account   
    • apply   
    • pay fees   
    • upload documents, plans, and renderings   
    • track the status of your application

  2. Plan Review System We’ll contact you once we’ve finished our review. You can click on the link we send to see our review and the mark-up of your plans. You can update the plans based on staff comments and send your plan in again for another review. You can keep doing this until your plans are approved. Once approved, your plans will be stamped. We’ll e-mail you to say that you can download your plans.

    To learn more, download these handy brochures:

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