Heritage Services

Markham is committed to protect its cultural heritage resources, and offer professional, educational and financial support.

Heritage Protection

With the assistance of the Heritage Markham Committee Markham uses a number of tools, programs on policies to protect our cultural heritage resources. These include property designation, heritage easements, signage requirements, and development control.

Professional Advice

Educational Brochures

Markham offers a series of educational brochures called “Heritage Matters…in Markham” A variety of heritage topics are covered.

The Province of Ontario also has a series of publications and information brochures related to heritage conservation.

Financial Assistance

Markham offers six heritage financial assistance programs:

  1. Heritage Property Tax Reduction Program
    Get an annual property tax refund to help offset the additional maintenance costs associated with conserving the heritage features on your designated property. Municipal and education tax components can be reduced by 30%.
  2. Heritage Loan Fund [PDF]
    Need a short term loan to restore heritage features or replicate lost features on your designated property?
  3. Commercial Facade Improvement Grant Program [PDF] | Grant Application Form [PDF]
    Obtain matching grants of up to $15,000 to assist in the restoration or improvement to exteriors of commercial properties in heritage districts.
  4. Commercial Signage Replacement Grant Information [PDF] | Application Form [PDF]
    Replace inappropriate commercial signage in a heritage district. This grant helps to fund the production and installation of new signage.
  5. Designated Heritage Property Grant Program [PDF]
    Restore heritage features or replicate lost features of your designated property using this new grant program which can provide up to $5,000 in funding.
  6. Heritage Reserve Fund
    Municipal heritage enhancement projects can benefit from this funding.
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