Heritage Property Register

Markham Register of Property of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest

Markham’s comprehensive register of cultural heritage properties includes both designated and listed properties.

  1. Designated properties are those protected by the Ontario Heritage Act and include individually designated properties (See "Property Designation") and properties in heritage conservation districts (See "Heritage Districts")
  2. Listed properties are non-designated properties of cultural heritage value or interest
    Search the Register to find heritage properties in Markham by street address, ward boundaries, heritage district, date of construction or architectural style.

There is more information about the Listed Properties.

How a property is added to the Register

Requests to list a property on the municipal Register may come from anyone including the general public, property owners, the municipal heritage committee, staff, resident associations or historical societies. However, only Council, after consulting with its municipal heritage committee, can add a property to the register.

How the Register is used?

The Register:

  • officially recognizes properties of cultural heritage value in the municipality;
  • promotes and enhances an understanding of our cultural heritage
  • is used by staff and Council when reviewing development proposals or permit applications;
  • provides easily accessible information about cultural heritage properties for property owners, developers, the tourism industry, educators and the general public;
  • provides interim protection for listed property.

Demolition requests (See "Demolition Control") for non-designated (also known as “listed”) properties on the Register can be delayed for up to 60 days to allow the time for the municipality to evaluate the property and decide whether further protection is warranted.

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