One of the most important tools Markham uses to protect individual properties of cultural heritage value or interest is designation under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. At present, over 250 properties are individually designated. To find out if your property is designated, search the Register of Property of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest.

What type of properties can be designated?

A variety of properties can be designated including:

  • Buildings and structures;
  • Archaeological sites and ruins;
  • Cultural heritage landscapes;
  • Cemeteries and monuments;
  • Trees and parks;
  • Bridges

Who can request designation?

Anyone can request that a property be designated.  Council must obtain the advice of its municipal heritage committee on any property proposed for designation.

What approvals are required to alter these properties?

All exterior alterations affecting the identified heritage attributes require City review and approval.  Minor alterations usually require a Heritage Permit Application [PDF]. Larger projects require Site Plan Approval

Can the property be demolished?

Designation provides an enhanced level of demolition control (See "Demolition Control" below) and ensures that the property is protected.

What financial assistance is available?

Markham has created a variety of financial programs to help designated properties.

Does designation affect property values?

The word is in on whether heritage designation has an impact on the value of your property. The answer is this- if designation has any affect on real estate prices, it’s probably a good one. Find out more - Property Values [PDF].

For more information on individual property designation, obtain a copy of our Individual Property Designation Brochure (PDF].

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