With almost all of the historic urban area of Markham now designated as part of one of the City's three heritage districts, the design review of new development applications for compatibility with the character of the heritage districts is a major part of the heritage planning function.

Following the design guidelines established in the District plans, attention is paid to such factors as scale, massing, materials, windows, doors, details and landscaping to ensure that all new development is compatible.

The following are some examples of compatible infill development in Markham's heritage conservation districts.

Picturesque Victorian reproduction
Picturesque Victorian reproduction, built 1998

Period style service station
Period style service station, built 1990

Victorian L-Shaped reproduction
Victorian L-Shaped reproduction, built 1998

Canadian Italianate brick reproduction
Canadian Italianate brick reproduction, built 1998

Edwardian Classicism reproduction
Edwardian Classicism reproduction, built 1998 to fit in with a street with Edwardian Character

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