Ontario Heritage Act Notices

Where a municipality is required by Part IV and Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act to publish a notice in a newspaper having general circulation in the municipality, notice given in accordance with a policy adopted by a municipality under Section 270 of the Municipal Act, 2001 is deemed to satisfy this requirement. Markham Council adopted a policy on May 3, 2023, as per the Municipal Act, 2001, to allow Ontario Heritage Act notices to be provided to the public using the City’s website.

Typical Notices affecting individual properties (Part IV) include: Intention to Designate a Property, Passing a Designation By-law, Amending a Designation By-law, Passing a By-law Amendment, and Repeal of a Designation By-law. Notices affecting a larger area (Part V) may include: Creation of a Heritage Study Area and Designation of a Heritage Conservation District and District Plan.

Please check back later for upcoming notices.

Notice of Intention to Designate — November 21, 2023

45 Captain Armstrong's Lane
75 Dickson Hill Road
2992 Elgin Mills Road East
4044 Elgin Mills Road
5467 Nineteenth Avenue
7482 Highway 7 East
7846 Highway 7 East
7960 Reesor Road
10060 Kennedy Road
10720 Victoria Square Blvd
10725 Kennedy Road
11303 Warden Avenue
11482 McCowan Road
11520 Kennedy Road

Adoption of Amending By-law — November 17, 2023

8303 Warden Avenue

Notice of Intention to Designate — October 25, 2023

4 Homestead Court

99 Dickson Hill Road

234 Steeles Avenue East

2972 Elgin Mills Road East

6470 Steeles Avenue East

10690 McCowan Road

10748 Victoria Square Blvd

11584 York-Durham Line

Adoption of Designation By-laws – October 5, 2023

14 Heritage Corner Lane

53 Dickson Hill Road

5474 19th Avenue

7822 Highway 7

10729 Victoria Square Boulevard

Adoption of Amending By-law —  September 29, 2023

9392 Kennedy Road

Notice of Intention to Designate September 15, 2023

2 Legacy Drive

81 Dickson Hill Road

4130 19th Avenue

4159 19th Avenue

6772 14th Avenue

7880 Highway 7 East

10159 McCowan Road

10387 McCowan Road

Notice of Intention to Designate June 19, 2023

14 Heritage Corners Lane

53 Dickson Hill Road

5474 19th Avenue

7822 Highway 7 

10729 Victoria Square Boulevard

10 Ruggles Avenue

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