Prior to filing an application, please refer to the Planning and Development Application Pre-Consultation Guide on how to apply online via ePLAN.  

We recommend that clients request a Zoning Search Request which is an online service, in order to obtain the uses or setbacks for the property.  A charge of $50.00 will be applied effective January 1, 2020.

ePLAN Submissions

All applications listed below are available for ePLAN digital submission:

Non-ePLAN Submissions

Contact the team at the Development Services Counter (via email) on how to submit the following applications: 

  • Hold Removal (refer to the Zoning Amendment application form)
  • Part Lot Control
  • Deeming By-Law
  • Minister's Zoning Order

Review the York Region and the City's 'The Clean Water Act Water Protection' policies and protection (policies and maps included), prior to submitting a pre-consultation for all types of developments.

The following applications can be submitted without a formal pre-consultation meeting, however, applicants are welcome to discuss their plans before submitting an application.

Payment Methods

Refer to the Development Services 2020 Application Review Fees:  By-Law 2019-137, as amended. 

Available payment options are as follows:

  • Online via ePLAN (Note: Only available for ePLAN applications under $60,000. Only the applicant can pay via ePLAN).
  • By cheque, made payable to the City of Markham. Payments by cheque can be dropped off at the dropbox located outside the Thornhill Entrance at 101 Town Centre Boulevard. Please clearly indicate that the cheque is for the Planning and Urban Design department, include the file number, and purpose of payment.

Review the Calculating Development Charges documents for your development & area.

For further assistance and effective correspondence; contact the Development Client Services at for further assistance Monday to Friday - 8 AM to 5 PM.  If you have no email address, you can request additional information by calling 905.475.4861. 

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