Section 45 of the Planning Act empowers the Committee of Adjustment to grant minor variances to an existing bylaw. Minor variances must to meet all of the following 4 tests under the Planning Act:

  • The variance requested must meet the general intent and purpose of the bylaw;
  • The variance requested must meet the general intent and purpose of the Official Plan;
  • The variance requested must be desirable for the appropriate development of the applicable lands, building or structure; and
  • The variance requested must be minor in nature.
  • The Planning Act also gives the Committee of Adjustment the authority to grant the enlargement or extension of a legal non-conforming use. The Committee of Adjustment can impose conditions if an application is approved. These conditions must be satisfied before a building permit is issued, unless otherwise specified by the Committee.

Application Form

Application for Minor Variance Permit [PDF].

Please read the application instructions carefully. Submit your application to the Development Services Counter at the Thornhill Entrance, Anthony Roman Civic Centre, 101 Town Centre Boulevard, Markham, Ontario, L3R 9W3.

Hearing Dates & Filing Deadlines

Please note – Filing deadlines may be modified at the discretion of the Director of Planning and Urban Design. Please contact the Secretary-Treasurer at 905.475.4721 to confirm filing deadlines.

Scheduling of Minor Variances will be determined by the Secretary-Treasurer. It is anticipated that applications are to be heard within 30 days of submission; however, this timing may change, as necessary to co-ordinate internal department and external agency comments to the Applicants, Committee Members and the Public.

2019 Minor Variance Hearing Dates

Hearing Dates 2019 (Wednesdays) Variances(A's) Sign Posting (Tuesdays) Variances(A's) Last Day for Appeal(Tuesdays)
January 23 January 8 February 12
February 6 January 22 February 26
February 20 February 5 March 12
March 13 February 26 April 2
March 27 March 12 April 16
April 10 March 26 April 30
April 24 April 9 May 14
May 8 April 23 May 28
May 29 May 14 June 18
June 12 May 28 July 2
June 26 June 11 July 16
July 10 June 25 July 30
July 24 July 9 August 13
August 7 July 23 August 27
August 28 August 13 September 17
September 11 August 27 October 1
September 25 September 10 October 15
October 9 September 24 October 29
October 23 October 8 November 12
November 13 October 29 December 3
November 27 November 12 December 17
December 11 November 26 December 31

Please refer to the Minor Variance Application form for current information relating to fees, submission requirements and required plans/drawings.

If you have any further questions, please contact Secretary Treasurer, Committee of Adjustment:

Phone: 905.475.4721

Fax: 905.479.7768