1. What type of applications are required to submit a sustainability score using the Sustainability Assessment Tool (Excel tool)?

    • Draft Plans of Subdivisions of 10 residential units or more
    • Site Plan Control Applications
    • Zoning By-law Amendments to facilitate the above
      • The application of the Sustainability Metrics for Zoning By-law Amendments is determined at the Pre-Consultation meeting based on the level of detail that is provided for the application
      • For Zoning By-law amendments, the Sustainability Score is based on preliminary information available at this planning stage. The Score is then refined when more details become available as part of the Draft Plan of Subdivision or Site Plan application for the property

      2. Are there Plan of Subdivision or Site Plan applications where the Sustainability Metrics is not required?

    • Draft Plans of Subdivision of 9 residential units or less
    • Part 4 of the Site Plan Control By-law 262-94 identifies developments that are exempt from Site Plan Control
    • Draft Plans of Subdivision to subdivide large blocks of land for the sole purpose of creating lots for future employment, industrial, commercial, or institutional development, and which will require subsequent Site Plan approval

      3. Where can I find the Sustainability Assessment Tool (Excel tool)?

    • The Excel-based scoring tool is available on this web page. The current version is a draft that will be finalized following further consultation with building and land development stakeholders. This web page will be updated accordingly.

      4. What is the required minimum sustainability score?

    • See the TABLE for Markham’s sustainability scores and performance levels at the top of the page for the minimum sustainability scores for Plan of Subdivision or Site Plan applications.

      5. What if a particular metric or indicator is not applicable for my site?

    • Metrics such as preserving healthy trees (NE-1) or cultural heritage conservation (BE-5) may not be available for an applicant if the resource is not on the site. The analysis to arrive at the required minimum (Bronze level) sustainability score has taken this into consideration among the available points so that an applicant is not penalized should the resources not exist on the site or the Metric is not relevant to the application.

      6. Is there a minimum energy performance for buildings?

    • Markham Council endorsed the recommendation in the May 2022 Recommendation Report for a pathway to net zero energy buildings by 2030. This involves energy performance steps above the Ontario Building Code (OBC). City staff will provide a recommendation to Markham Council later in 2023 to initiate the first energy performance step above the OBC along the net zero energy pathway.

      7. Are there incentives to achieve a sustainability score above the Markham Council endorsed minimum?

    • There are no incentives (financial or non-financial) at this time to achieve ‘Silver’ or ‘Gold’ sustainability scores. The City will evaluate incentives in late 2023 and into 2024.
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