Planning Documents and Studies

  • Affordable and Rental Housing Strategy, 2021  Markham has developed Housing Choices: Markham's Affordable and Rental Housing Strategy to address housing affordability in the City.

  • Agricultural Assessment Study Provide an agricultural profile for the City.

  • Bird Friendly Guidelines Bird Friendly Guidelines offer design based solutions to make glass on buildings more visible to birds, in an effort to reduce bird-window collisions.

  • Community Infrastructure Strategy The study focuses on the planning for public facilities that house and supports the provision of community services and networks.

  • Cornell Centre Precinct Plan Follow the progress of the Cornell Centre Precinct Plan - a plan to support the Cornell Secondary Plan (2008)

  • Cornell Rouge National Urban Park Gateway Study The purpose of this study is to prepare a Streetscape Concept Plan that will address public realm improvements to connect and transition between Cornell Centre, the Rouge National Urban Park welcome area, and the hamlet of Locust Hill.

  • Cornell Secondary Plan Review The purpose of the Secondary Plan review was to update the land use policies which guide development in Cornell, while continuing to build upon the original Secondary Plan.

  • Cycling Master Plan The Plan recommends a strategy for addressing cycling in Markham for the next 15 years and beyond.

  • Development Review Process Assessment As part of the Provincial Audit and Accountability Fund, the City undertook an assessment of the City’s development review process roles and responsibilities for site plan, plan of subdivision, official plan amendment, and zoning by-law amendment applications to identify opportunities for improvement and recommendations to facilitate improved review and approval processes.

  • Drive Through Design Guidelines Drive Through Design Guidelines June 2010

  • Employment Land Strategy Employment Lands are areas of land designated in an official plan for clusters of business and economic uses. Types of uses include: manufacturing, warehouse, office and retail.

  • Environmental Impact Study Guidelines This guideline provides information for the preparation of Environmental Impact Studies.

  • Growth Management Council endorsed a growth alternative for Markham to guide future residential and employment growth to 2031.

  • Housing Stock Analysis The purpose of the housing stock analysis is to determine how much change in the housing stock the City can reasonably plan for within the Provincial and Regional planning framework and residential market context.

  • Intensification Intensification within the City’s current settlement area is a key component of the City’s endorsed growth alternative, which focuses on containing growth within the current settlement area.

  • Langstaff Master Plan Project With changes to land uses in the surrounding area, the evolution of the policy context, the advancement of landowner and developer interest, as well as the announcement of proposed extensions to the Yonge Subway.

  • Main Street Unionville Community Vision Plan a strategic master plan and bold new vision for historic Unionville which seeks to protect this unique heritage environment while ensuring its economic vitality and prosperity.

  • Markham Road — Mount Joy Secondary Plan Study The City of Markham is undertaking a study to inform the development of a new secondary plan for the Markham Road Mount Joy Local Corridor.

  • North Markham Future Urban Area The City of Markham is undertaking a comprehensive planning process to guide development of the Future Urban Area lands in north Markham.

  • Parkland Dedication Review of existing parkland dedication policies as they relate to the direction currently being developed for Markham's new Official Plan.

  • Pathways & Trails Master Plan The City has conducted a Pathways and Trails study to meet an important strategic priority of the City's Parks, Recreation, Culture and Library Master Plan 2005-2021.

  • Second Suites Second suite is a common name for a basement apartment, an accessory apartment or another form of secondary residential unit in a house that contains no more than one other residential unit.

  • Unionville Commercial Core Pattern Book: Village Design & Architectural Guidelines The pattern book provides architectural and urban design guidance for new multi-unit, infill development in the historical commercial core are.

  • Unionville Special Policy Area Boundary Review The City is undertaking a review of the boundary of the Special Policy Area in Unionville.

  • Yonge-Steeles Corridor Study Final Report The purpose of this study is to provide a realistic and focused prescription for change, with a primary emphasis on improving the mix of development types to take advantage of the planned rapid transit corridor along Yonge Street.

  • Yonge-Steeles Corridor Transportation Study This study will address the existing transportation issues and determine the future transportation vision, transportation strategies and infrastructure to support growth and redevelopment within the proposed Yonge-Steeles Corridor Secondary Plan

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