Community Infrastructure Strategy

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Comments due February 3, 2012 on the City's Draft Community Infrastructure Strategy which makes a number of recommendations for integrated planning of Community Infrastructure

What is Community Infrastructure?

The City has retained SHS Consulting to complete a Community Infrastructure Strategy for Markham. The study focuses on the planning for public facilities that house and supports the provision of community services and networks (e.g. schools, health services, police, fire, EMS, community centres, parks, libraries, etc.).

Why do we need a Community Infrastructure Strategy?

One of the key objectives of the Provincial Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe is to ensure better use of land and infrastructure by directing growth to existing urban areas through intensification, compact Greenfield communities and transit supportive densities. The Growth Plan recognizes that this change in urban form has a direct impact on the delivery of community infrastructure and requires that municipalities in planning for population and employment growth also take into consideration the coordination of planning and investment for community infrastructure. Once completed, the Community Infrastructure Strategy will represent the City’s response to the Province’s Growth Plan.

Community Infrastructure Strategy for Markham

The focus of the study is to define a framework to improve upon existing processes to ensure that community infrastructure stakeholders are informed and engaged through the community planning and development approval processes, and in turn can look for opportunities to share resources and improve service delivery. The intent of this study is not to establish needs and priorities for the community done by community infrastructure providers [e.g. Integrated Leisure Master Plan (ILMP)]. The Community Infrastructure Strategy will build on the recommendations of the City’s ILMP and programs of other community infrastructure providers.

Over 46 representatives from 20 different agencies were consulted in the development of the Markham Community Infrastructure Background Report. The Background Report prepared by the City's consultant is based on background literature review, interviews with community stakeholders and planning staff, and stakeholder workshops (held in June 2011). The results of these findings and proposed directions for a framework for Markham are presented in the Background Report. The report recommends practical steps that can be taken together with the City's community infrastructure partners to ensure that adequate facilities and services are provided for in the future. Collaboration and continued partnerships is key in the success of delivering community infrastructure in Markham.

Next Steps

We are looking for your comments on the recommendations outlined in the Draft Community Infrastructure Strategy by February 3, 2012.

A final recommend strategy will be brought forward to Development Services Committee in early 2012.