Cornell Centre Predict Plan


The Cornell Centre Precinct Plan was initiated by the City of Markham in spring 2011. The purpose of the study is to provide greater planning and design direction for the growth and evolution of Cornell Centre. The major outcomes of the project are to confirm and refine the directions of the Secondary Plan, align recent development proposals and infrastructure requirements with the Secondary Plan and emerging Precinct Plan and to provide greater detail and certainty through an effective development framework and design guidelines.

With the completion of the Cornell Secondary Plan in 2008, many of Cornell Centre’s landowners have begun to plan new development opportunities. Planning for new development is in various stages of refinement and some planning approvals have already been granted for mixed-use residential development.

While the Secondary Plan provides detail planning direction for new development, the Precinct Plan will ensure further consistency between various development approvals and will provide a higher level of detail to support built form, transportation and other urban design considerations.
Many of the concepts and ideas proposed by the landowners are consistent with the Secondary Plan and will be brought forward in the Precinct Plan. However, some changes may occur as the Precinct Plan is finalized in order to ensure the Secondary Plan’s planning principles are upheld and the objectives for this planning process are met.

Current Status

We are in the final phase of the project. During this phase we will be seeking endorsement from Council regarding the final draft of the precinct document.



Sally Campbell, Manager, East District
Planning & Urban Design Department
Phone: 905-477-7000 extension 2645