Affordable and Rental Housing Strategy (Draft), 2020

What are we doing and why?City of Markham Affordable and Rental Housing Study Phase 2 Policy Framework and Recommendations

The City of Markham is developing a new Affordable and Rental Housing Strategy and exploring innovative solutions to address housing affordability. Housing is the foundation of safe, sustainable and complete communities. There is a need for more affordable ownership and rental housing options for low and moderate income households, including seniors, families with children and young adults. The City has a role to play in improving housing choices for Markham residents and is taking action on this important issue.

What is the study process?

Markham has completed a two-phase study to develop a new Affordable and Rental Housing Strategy. The Phase 1 report provides a housing needs assessment of current and emerging housing gaps in Markham. The Phase 2 report provides a proposed draft Affordable and Rental Housing Strategy based on a policy review and initial stakeholder feedback. The draft Strategy contains a vision, 3 goals, 36 actions and an inclusionary zoning framework, which is a new provincial tool that can require affordable housing in residential developments. The study is proceeding to Phase 3: Housing Strategy Consultation.

How can I get involved? A diagram showing the study phases of the new Affordable and Rental Housing Strategy

The City will be undertaking consultation on the draft Affordable and Rental Housing Strategy. Please check back regularly to learn more about upcoming engagement opportunities.

Reports and Presentations

Affordable and Rental Housing Strategy reports and presentations:

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

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External Resources and Partners

The City works with a number of partners to address affordable housing needs. Below are links to key housing initiatives from other levels of government:

York Region

Province of Ontario

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation


Darryl Lyons, Manager, Policy

Emily Irvine, Special Projects Coordinator