Housing Stock Analysis

In 2008, a consulting team was retained to complete an evaluation of intensification options and housing growth alternatives in support of an endorsed Markham growth alternative to 2031.

The purpose of the housing stock analysis is to determine how much change in the housing stock the City can reasonably plan for within the Provincial and Regional planning framework and residential market context.

Staff and City’s consultant have completed a review of a 55% residential intensification target and the relative difference between the 55% intensification target and two higher targets for intensification, a 60% option and an option involving no change in the current settlement area boundary.

The Housing Stock Analysis concluded that:

  • Markham is well positioned to accommodate more intensive form of housing in identified intensification area within the current settlement area;
  • Recommended a balanced approach to managing residential growth, by accommodating an increasing number of non-family households within higher density apartments and multiple dwelling units while continuing to accommodate the dominant segment of family households in ground related units;
  • Additional residential land should be designated outside the current settlement area to accommodate sufficient new ground related units to 2031.


In regard to Markham’s future housing stock, the endorsed Markham growth alternative to 2031 will:

  • Continue to accommodate non-family households;
  • Accommodate an increasing number of non-family households;
  • Becomes more diverse by including a larger number of medium and high density dwelling types;
  • Conform to and implement, Provincial and Regional plans;
  • Contribute to meeting residential intensification objectives;
  • Contribute to an improved live-work relationship; and
  • Require regular monitoring of market performance, and if needed, adjustments to the housing supply.
  • Staff will address the findings of the Housing Stock Analysis within the context of the proposed new Official Plan.


Additional information is available from the following staff reports and presentations:


June 23 -Toward a Markham Growth Management Strategy: Housing Stock Analysis Report, Presentation
May 12 - Housing Stock Analysis Presentation by Hemson Consulting Ltd.


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