2014 Official Plan

The City of Markham 2014 Official Plan was adopted by Markham Council on December 10, 2013, and approved by York Region Council on June 12, 2014.

The Official Plan was appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal in 2014 (Case No. PL140743), but the majority of the Plan is now in force. Partial Approval Orders were issued by the Tribunal on October 30, 2015, May 26, 2016, March 10, 2017, April 21, 2017 and November 24, 2017, with the last Order being updated by the Tribunal on April 9, 2018. (For the purposes of this web page the term Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) also refers to the Ontario Municipal Board and Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, both of which have been superceded by the Ontario Land Tribunal.)

The City of Markham 1987 Official Plan remains in force for certain land use designations and policies that are still under appeal under the 2014 Official Plan, and for certain areas in the city that require more detailed planning in the form of secondary plans.

An office consolidation of the Markham 2014 Official Plan incorporating the Partial Approval Orders issued by the Ontario Land Tribunal is available through the links below. An Effective Date Table identifies the in-force date that each policy, map or appendix was approved by Order of the Ontario Land Tribunal. Certain portions of the text, maps and appendices remain subject to appeals to the Tribunal as referenced by a green box or text. The modifications and deferrals referenced in this consolidation should be referenced in conjunction with the York Re gion Notice of Decision dated June 17, 2014, the November 24, 2017 Partial Approval Order issued by the Tribunal as well as the Tribunal's April 9, 2018 Update to the Order.

Click on the colored tabs to view the document (April 9, 2018 Official Consolidation).

Planning Markham's Future
A framework for Sustainable Growth
Environmental Systems
Healthy Neighbourhoods and Communities
A Strong and Diverse Economy
Urban Design and Sustainable Development
Transportation, Services and Utilities
Land Use
Area and Site Specific Policies

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