Land use planning or community planning is the process of managing growth in order to meet the community’s needs and to address challenges associated with development. The goal of the planning process is to build complete and healthy communities through the efficient use of land. Planning and development affect many aspects of our community such as housing, transportation, infrastructure, municipal services, parks and recreation, cultural and natural heritage, urban design, economic growth and jobs.

Planning is a collaborative effort that involves many stakeholders. Including:

  • Members of the public from individuals to community ratepayer or advocacy groups
  • Markham Council and advisory committees
  • City staff including planners, urban designers and engineers
  • Other governmental bodies such as York Region or the Province of Ontario
  • Public agencies or service providers such as Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, railway, telecommunications or utility companies
  • Landowners, private developers and consultants

Planning may include:

  1. Preparing a vision for the community and creating plans or strategies to achieve that vision. The City’s planning vision is described in our Official Plan;
  2. Reviewing planning and development applications and working with all stakeholders to ensure that the proposal supports the community’s vision; and,
  3. Working with other public agencies and City departments to coordinate and prioritize public investments in our community such as roads, trails, hospitals, public transit, parks, libraries, community centres or conservation areas.

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