Planning and Development Applications

This page is for property owners, developers, builders and others who are interested in obtaining development approvals with the City of Markham. It details the application types and outlines the City’s review processes and requirements that you will need to meet when submitting an application and seeking development approvals.

Before You Submit an Application

Before submitting a planning application to the City, you are encouraged to research your property using the following sites:

  • Property Details Search to check the Zoning and Official Plan designation, and to determine if the property falls under any other approval authorities (such as TRCA, MTO, etc.);
  • Heritage Property Register to see if your property is listed, individually designated or within a heritage conservation district;
  • Zoning Search Request to check permitted uses and development standards under the Zoning By-law; and
  • Official Plan to check the land use policies and applicable Secondary Plans.
  • Terms of Reference

In addition to the above, you may also be required to apply for a Pre-Consultation meeting with City Staff to discuss your proposal.


Before you submit a planning application, you may be required to apply for a Pre-Consultation Request with City Staff to discuss your proposal.

*NEWDevelopment Notice Sign Protocols, Mailing of Notices Complete Application and Statutory Public Meeting

District Teams

Development Services staff have geographically divided Markham into three major Development Districts (West, East & Central) to create a more efficient and effective structure for its overall operations. Special Heritage Districts corresponding to Markham's designated heritage areas have also been included and can be found within all of the major districts.

District Teams include staff from various departments and divisions within the Commission including Planning, Engineering, Urban Design, and Heritage.

Each team has in depth knowledge of activity within their districts and is responsible for all development applications, studies, special projects, and general inquiries regarding development in their district.

The Development District Map and Development Teams Chart below identify the District locations and Team members.

Development District Map

Development Services Commission Development District Teams

Development Districts West North Central East Heritage
Manager Manager
Clement Messere
ext. 2191
Clement Messere
ext. 2191
Sabrina Bordone 
ext. 8230
Stacia Muradali
ext. 2008
Regan Hutcheson
ext. 2080
Engineer Ziad Yassi
ext. 7920
Mansoor Ali
ext. 2523
Miguel Ibrahim
ext. 3563
Syed Sultan 
ext. 2629
As Assigned
Engineer Technologist Michael Larbi
ext. 3746
Vacant David Liu
Sureshan Mailvaganam
ext. 3568
As Assigned
Planner Rick Cefaratti 
ext. 3675
Jennifer Kim
ext. 2156
Hailey Miller
ext. 4576
Nusrat Omer
ext. 2185
Daniel Brutto ext. 2468
Daniel Brutto 
ext. 2468
Jennifer Kim 
ext. 2156

Melissa Leung
ext. 2392
Dimitri Pagratis
ext. 3140
Deanna Schlosser 
Elizabeth Martelluzzi
Stephen Corr
Carlson Tsang
Brashanthe Mahoharan
ext. 2190  
Aleks Todorovski
ext. 2944           
Peter Wokral 
ext. 7955
Evan Manning
ext. 2296
Urban Designer Michelle Wong
ext. 2750
Prasanth Varughese

Jennifer Zhao
ext. 2228
Abbie Kar 
ext. 2006
Abhinav Sukumar
ext. 2875
Oscar Lam
Michelle Wong
ext. 2750
Prasanth Varughese
Alanna Van Ommen
ext. 2478
Oscar Lam
ext. 2153
Zoning Examiner As Assigned As Assigned
As Assigned
As Assigned
As Assigned
Team Assistants Amanda Samara
ext. 3680
Amanda Samara 
ext. 3680
Amanda Samara
ext. 3680
Amanda Samara
ext. 3680
Fion Lau 
ext. 3025

Below are the types of Development Applications

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