Heritage Permit (HE)

A Heritage Permit is required from the City before undertaking any external building or property alterations to individually designated heritage properties, or any properties located within a heritage conservation district, and for any proposed demolition the above properties.

Minor Heritage Permit Application

The Minor Heritage Permit is only required when no other permits or development approvals are required. Typical projects requiring a Heritage Permit include, but not limited to:

  • New or different wall cladding or roof treatment
  • Painting
  • Masonry cleaning and repointing
  • New or different windows or doors
  • Changes to architectural decorations (i.e. Verandas, trim, soffits, fascia, etc.)
  • Front yard patios, lamp installations, awnings
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Structural repairs that affect the external appearance
  • Fences

A Heritage Permit is not required for:

  • General repairs to weather-stripping, eavestroughs, roofs, chimneys, fences, existing cladding
  • Repair of broken window panes to original specifications
  • Backyard patios, garden sheds, gazebos, and other small outbuildings that are not readily visible from the street (and which do not require a Building Permit)
  • Planting and removal of vegetation on private property (tree removal requires a separate permit)

Major Heritage Permit Application

A Major Heritage Permit Application is required for more substantial alteration projects, which do not include the type of projects, identifies as Minor, and may include, but not limited to:

  1. New Residential Dwelling Units in heritage conservation districts such as detached, semi-detached, other forms of low rise units, multiplex buildings up to 10 units, townhouse, and coach house;
  2. Residential Additions/Alterations/Accessory Buildings in heritage conservation districts and on individually desginated properties (including facade changes and new or expanded driveways); and 
  3. New construction, additions or alterations in heritage conservation districts and on individually designated properties involving more than ten (10) dwelling units or non-residential designated heritage property, where the Permit requirements, including any terms and conditions, are not included in a Planning Act approval or agreement, such as a Site Plan Agreement.  This could include alterations and additons (under 50 metre square in size) to commercial/institutional/other properties.

Demolition Heritage Permit Application

The demolition or removal of any building or structure on all properties, included in the boundaries of a heritage conservation district, or a property individually designted under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Note that a Demolition Heritage Permit is required as per the requirements of the Ontario Heritage Act and is in addition to any demolition approval required to the Ontario Builidng Code Act.

For more information, visit the Heritage Protection page.

The new Minor & Major Heritage Permit review processes will be updated shortly:

Application Submission

Circulation and Staff Review

Application is forwarded to Heritage Markham Committee for review 

Staff determines if the application must go to Development Services Committee (DSC) fpr review


If the Heritage Staff determines that the application must go to DSC for consderation, a recommendation report will be drafted and forwarded to DSC.  DSC will review and render a decision.

Please note that the following processes are being revised, please consult the Heritage Section staff for further information.

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