Following Draft Plan of Subdivision approval, applicants are required to apply for a Technical Review of Subdivision (TEC) application to clear the conditions of Draft Approval. This involves the review of technical drawings related to subdivision works. The following are the post application procedures:

  1. Applicant applies for TEC for each phase of the developments.
  2. Include link to TEC application process webpage
  3. For Plan of Subdivision, applicant applies for Subdivision Agreement, which is administered by the City’s Legal Department
  4. City Issues Draft Subdivision Agreement
  5. City issues Final Agreement for execution and registration
  6. Staff and external agencies issue clearance of conditions of Draft Plan Approval
  7. Applicant registers Final Plan
  8. When 85% of development is complete, City will inspect and issue Acceptance for Maintenance
  9. A Letter of Credit (LC) is released at 100% completion of works. The City releases 85% of the LC, with a 15% holdback for warranty.
  10. City assumes Subdivision

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