Townhouse Siting Approval (TOWN)

A Townhouse Siting Approval (TOWN) application is required for the development of townhouse units within a registered plan. The TOWN process is governed by Site Plan Control By-law 262-94 and is administered by the Planning Department’s Urban Design Group.

The Townhouse Siting process is applicable to all townhouse dwellings that meet any of the following criteria:

  1. adjacent to or facing a school, a place of worship, a public building or a neighbourhood/community shopping centre; or,
  2. is located on a window street (i.e. a single loaded local street adjacent to a provincial highway, an arterial road or a collector road) or an entry street into a community; or,
  3. is terminating a view corridor at the end of a street terminating in a “T” intersection; or,
  4. has vehicular access to a lane; or,
  5. is adjacent to, framing or facing a park, a valley and/or open space feature, including stormwater management facilities and school yards; or,
  6. is located on a collector or arterial road; or,
  7. any townhouse dwellings identified in the Architectural Control Guideline, approved by the Municipality to review.

Note: Only one (1) TOWN application is required per registered plan. Multiple townhouse blocks can be applied for under one (1) ePLAN application.

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