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During the planning stage of your project, you must determine what zoning requirements apply to your property. Use the online Zoning Search form to request zoning information for any property within Markham.

Zoning By-laws

Zoning Bylaws contain standards governing the development of land and the construction of buildings including permitted uses, size, height and location of structures. For example, the City's Zoning Bylaws regulate how close to the lot line you can build or if you can locate a certain type of business at an address in Markham.

City Wide By-laws:

Urban Area By-law:

The Civic Hall Building is closed to the public until further notice. During this building closure, Zoning Bylaws are not available for viewing.  If you require a Zoning By-law to purchase, please send an email at dsc:markham.ca to the City's Planning Department. 

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