Household Garbage Belongs Curbside

Dumping household garbage in parks & open spaces is illegal

  • All residents are responsible for properly disposing of their household garbage and their pet waste at their home.
  • Deliberately dumping household garbage, masks, gloves or wipes in parks, public spaces, parking lots and private property or along the roadside is illegal.
    • Bring them home! Single-use masks, gloves and wipes go in your clear bag garbage and never in the blue box or down the toilet.
  • Pursuant to the Keeping Markham Beautiful By-law 2017-27 : No person shall dump or deposit on any grounds or parks within the City any household waste or waste material. A first conviction can carry a fine up to $50,000.00 and could be higher upon any subsequent convictions.
  • Garbage and non-recyclable items go in your garbage.
  • Recyclables go in your recycle bin.
  • Compostable materials and pet waste go in your green bin.
  • Not sure where it goes?
  • Do your part. Stop the spread of COVID-19 .
    • Improper disposal of single-use masks, gloves and wipes presents a direct health and safety risk to you, the community and the workers who have to pick them up. Put them in the garbage.
    • They are also harmful to the environment, as well as pets and wildlife and put our friends and family at risk.

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