Hello Adopt-a-Park Groups! Thank you for your ongoing stewardship for your local parks, and we have funding to assist you in making your park better!

In the spring of 2004, Markham Council approved an enhancement to the Adopt-a-Park program called Friends of a Park/Adopt-a-Park.

Your group can apply with Parks Operations (formerly Parks Department) for a maximum of $500 per group annually for specific amenities within the park as approved by the Parks Operations Section. Please fill out the attached form. Funding of benches, trees or plant material or any other amenities that meet the current standards and/or policies would be considered. These items must be tangible park items that have long lasting benefits.

Up to $50 of the $500 can be used for discretionary spending by the adopting group for items like refreshments or other event costs, with the remaining amount to be spent on park projects proposed by the group as outlined above.

A maximum of 5 groups in each of the 8 wards (for a total of 40 groups) could receive a maximum of $500 each in funding on a first come first served basis. Each group who have or are adopting a park would submit their request prior to July 1.

Any funds uncommitted after July 1 will be directed to group requests that may be above and beyond the five requests allowed per Ward, again on a first come first served basis.

Just to give you an idea of costs, a standard recycled bench costs $250, and a balled & burlapped caliper tree costs $250. Parks Operations would purchase and install the bench or tree on your behalf. Trees would be purchased as part of the next bulk tree order for fall or spring planting.

Tree requests must be received by March 31 for spring or summer planting, and July 31 for fall planting.

Original receipts of your purchases must be given to the Parks Planner by October 15 of each year in order to receive payment.

Friends of a Park/Adopt-a-Park Funding Application Form [PDF]

Please fax your form to 905.940.1550, Attention: Parks Planner

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