Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Public Use Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Notice: Starting January 1, 2020, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging at the Markham Civic Centre will be on a pay-per-use basis.

In 2014, the transportation sector produced 33% of Markham’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. The City of Markham takes an entrepreneurial approach when prioritizing local climate mitigation strategies and supporting residents in making the switch to green technologies.

The City is proud to host 24 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for public use. Most recently, the City worked in partnership with Alectra Energy Services and Natural Resources Canada to deploy 22 Level 2 EV charging stations across local community centres and public spaces. Level 2 chargers offer full charges to vehicles in 4+ hours.

The new EV charging stations can be found at the following locations:

  • Angus Glen Community Centre (4 EV charging points)
  • Crosby Community Centre (2 EV charging points)
  • Markham Museum (2 EV charging points)
  • PanAm Centre (4 EV charging points)
  • Thornhill Community Centre (4 EV charging points)
  • Aaniin Community Centre (4 EV charging points)
  • Markham Village Community Centre (2 EV charging points)

EV owners who live in Markham or are just passing through can enjoy the convenience of high-speed charging at the Markham Civic Centre (101 Town Centre Blvd.). The unit is located within minutes of Markham Centre – the City’s developing downtown core – and steps away from the Markham Town Square outdoor shopping mall and Markham Hilton Suites.

In addition, the City is proud to be the first municipality in Ontario to host a Level 3 EV charging station, which offers an 80% charge in 30 minutes at an affordable price. 

To find your nearest charging station, visit ChargeHub or PlugShare.

Commercial charging rates apply.

Read more about this program in the article "Revving Up — Markham Pilots Electric Vehicle Charging Station" by Maryam Mirza / NRU Publishing (PDF).

Electric Vehicle Charging Station
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