Gardens & Agriculture

Susie Garden

You can enjoy fresh, local food in Markham and visit beautiful outdoor gardens!

There are three farmers’ markets in Markham for you to enjoy. We also recognize beautiful gardens in our region through our Susie Garden program. Learn more about how you can visit and celebrate our beautiful outdoor areas.

Food Security

Markham’s farmers’ markets, homegrown programs, and food charter bring us safe, local food.

Help us celebrate Markham’s beautiful gardens!

Markham wants to thank people who make our community beautiful. Susie Garden logo

If you can see a beautiful garden from a street, let us know!

We’ll recognize the gardener with:

  • A Certificate of Appreciation and
  • An invitation to our Susie Garden Program Social in the fall

You can nominate:

  • Residential gardens
  • Non-residential gardens
  • Commercial gardens
  • Industrial properties

Nomination Form

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