Results of the City’s ongoing monitoring program have indicated:

  • Landfill is still producing leachate
  • Groundwater quality down-gradient of the Site has higher concentrations of leachate contaminants compared to background/up-gradient levels
  • The following contaminants are present at levels that exceed the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) Regulatory Requirements:
    • arsenic, chloride
    • total dissolved solids (TDS)
    • iron
    • sodium
    • dissolved organic compounds (DOC)
    • vinyl chloride
    • tri-chloroethene (TCE)
    • di-chloroethene (DCE)

It is unknown how far the groundwater impacts have travelled down-gradient of the Site or deeper into the aquifer. As a result, the City’s consultant has recommended the installation of 11 new groundwater monitoring wells in eight locations on the Site to assess groundwater conditions down-gradient and in the deeper aquifer. This installation work will begin in late February or early March 2014 and will take about three weeks to complete.

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