Parks Renaissance Strategy

Markham’s parks, open spaces and natural areas provide for a wide range of recreational activities throughout its neighbourhoods and communities. Parks, open spaces and natural areas offer a sanctuary to escape the pressures of our everyday stress.

It offers our residents the ability to walk, run, bicycle, participate in active sports, relax, volunteer in community activities, picnic with families, and meet neighbours. In doing so, Markham’s parks and open spaces facilitate an enhanced a sense of belonging for residents and build community spirit.

The Parks Renaissance Strategy establishes a framework for the re-imagination of, and reinvestment in, Markham’s existing parks and open spaces to meet current standards, and the diverse recreational and leisure needs of Markham residents, workers and visitors.

Working alongside other aspects of the Public Realm and the City’s planning initiatives to stimulate urban growth and renewal, the Parks Renaissance Strategy builds on the work completed for Shared Places, Our Spaces [PDF], with a focus on the need of parks in older communities.

Parks Renaissance Startegy
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