Pollinators in Our Community

Pollinators depend on the natural spaces on our community for food, shelter and general survival. They are the living things that move pollen from one plant to another, fertilizing food needed by people and animals. Three quarters of the food we eat and flowering plants worldwide depend on pollinators to grow.

Monarch butterflies are among these very important pollinators, as well as bees, birds and other insects. The population of monarch butterflies is declining at an alarming rate and they need our help. Markham, in partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation, is undertaking an important initiative to support pollinator populations including monarch butterflies and bees.

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Are you planning a pollinator garden project? Markham’s Sustainable Neighborhood Small Grant (SNSG) supports and empowers resident to undertake their own Green Markham initiatives – in their homes and gardens.

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Council Meeting – April 5, 2016

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