A firefighter has many duties. Reading about these will help you understand what the position requires.

Emergency Response

  • Participates in emergency responses by performing:
    • fire ground operations
    • scene stabilization
    • search and rescue
    • fire control
    • property conservation
    • ventilation
    • vehicle extrication
    • aircraft firefighting
    • water rescue
    • hazardous material control
    • fire apparatus and equipment operation
    • defibrillation and first aid activities
    • participants perform these activities in accordance with department policies and procedures, applicable legislation, and
    • regulations
  • Assists with incident investigation. Preserves evidence until investigating officer arrives. Takes witness statements as required.
  • Follows directions, regulations, Standard Operating Procedures, and completes duties and tasks as assigned.
  • Maintains firefighting equipment and apparatus. Ensures equipment is ready, operational, and well maintained.

Administrative Function and Communication

  • Shares information
  • Identifies deficiencies and unsafe working conditions
  • Performs station duties:
    • answers telephone and takes messages
    • cleans and maintains the station and grounds
    • receives and conducts inventory of station supplies
    • performs these activities in accordance with department policies and procedures
  • Is receptive to communication from department and supervisor
  • Actively participates in training sessions and provides feedback
  • Immediately corrects unsafe work conditions if possible. If unable, reports to supervisor immediately

Self Development

  • Actively participates in scheduled training events to improve knowledge and skills
  • Actively participates in the development of an annual personal learning and development plan

Policy and Procedures

  • Operates vehicles in accordance with Highway Traffic Act and fire department policies and procedures
  • Remains “non-preventable” accident/incident free while in control of City equipment
  • Reports major deficiencies in equipment and vehicles to station officer
  • Immediately upon arrival for duty, checks that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is in position and ready for use according to applicable Standard Operating Procedures and immediately checks Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Adheres to Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and Occupational Health and Safety (O.H.& S.) standards
  • Accurately completes and files documentation
  • Completes medical reports as soon as reasonable after returning from relevant medical calls

Inspections, Public Education, and Community Events

  • Conducts inspections in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures
  • Participates in community and educational events. Promotes fire safety and education to a variety of customers

Wellness and Fitness

  • Remains physically and mentally fit to satisfactorily execute duties appropriate to the job
  • Practices principles of wellness and physical fitness

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