The firefighting profession is not suited to everyone. This information will help you determine if you are a good fit for the career.


Firefighters work under a great deal of pressure. They respond to emergencies and are often in life-threatening situations.


The City of Markham is one of the most diverse communities in Canada. The City is committed to fostering an inclusive environment. We seek new recruits who are comfortable working with, and caring for, individuals from all walks of life and cultures.

Competitive Process

The selection process for the City of Markham Fire and Emergency Services is very competitive. It is designed to ensure candidates meet the minimum standard qualifications for a Probationary Firefighter.

You will need to be fully prepared to complete the various tasks assigned. Sometimes, you will have to complete tasks with little warning. You will need to maintain a respectful and accountable manner throughout the process.

Organizational Fit

Successfully completing all phases does not ensure a job offer. Organizational fit is one of many factors in the final decision.

We choose individuals whose personal values match Fire and Emergency Service’s values These include pride, professionalism, respect, and teamwork.

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