As a result of an emergency or impending emergency, authorities may ask you to leave your home or business for safety reasons.

If you have to evacuate take:

  • 72-hour emergency kit.
  • Family emergency plan.
  • A cell phone (if you have one).
  • Your pets and pet supplies.
  • Essential medications and prescriptions.
  • Leave immediately and use travel routes specified by authorities.

Protect your home:

  • Shut off water and electricity if officials tell you to.
  • Leave natural gas service on unless officials tell you to turn it off.
  • Lock your home.


Local authorities will advise you to stay in your home until the emergency passes when the air outside is not safe to breathe. They will ask you to shelter-in-place.

When asked to shelter-in-place:

  • Close all windows and doors.
  • Turn off fans, heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Close the fireplace damper.
  • Locate your 72-hour emergency kit.
  • Move to an interior room above ground level.
  • Tape around windows, air ducts, and vents.
  • Listen to the radio for updates and do not go outside until authorities say it is safe to do so.
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