Fire Inspection Fees

Fire Inspection Fees (By-Law)

There are fees for fire inspections in the City of Markham. The fees are described below.

For more information, see by-law 2002-181. This by-law amends 111-98 regarding service fees to attend the scene of a motor vehicle incident or spill.

Service   Fee
(HST Included)
Request a fire report / File Search $150.29
Residential requests: a) Mortgage clearance $167.24
b) Change of ownership $167.24
Request inspections for premises or buildings: a) Single occupancy up to 2,000 m2 $229.96
Each additional 100 m2 or part thereof $28.82
b) Multiple occupancy up to 2,000 m2 $229.96
Each additional 100 m2 or part thereof $28.82
Each tenant space (unit) $57.63
c) Multi-storey building:  
Base building $229.96
Up to 3 storeys $231.09
Each additional floor $57.63
Two Unit Residential Inspection for Compliance to 9.8 $403.98
Two Unit Residential Registration $231.09
Requests for LLBO licences: a) Premises $265.55
b) Patios $167.24
c) Special occasion $167.24
Requests for Day Care/Day Nurseries/Home: a) Day Care licences $229.96
Issuance of Permits and Inspection of Storage Tanks: a) First tank $115.26
b) Each additional tank $57.63
Request Inspection for Trade Shows and Special Functions: $577.43
Fire Route Application Administration Fee: $231.09
The issuance and posting of licences defining the maximum occupant load of Places of Assembly to having more than 60 persons including, but not limited to, Public Halls, Arenas, Auditoriums, and occupancies wherein alcoholic beverages are served. To be paid annually. a) Assembly occupancies less than 60 persons $80.80
b) Assembly occupancies over 60 persons $231.09
Tent/Marquee Inspection greater than 9 sq/m (Per inspection) $229.96
Notification to Fire Department, Nuclear Substances, Licensed marihuana, special occasion and other similar notifications (Per application) $229.96
Occupant Load Card Copies (Per inspection)
Fire Safety Plan Review and One Site Visit
Fire Safety Plan Request Copies (Per application)
Approval Alternate Solution OFC plus site visit (Per inspection)
Note: Markham Fire and Emergency Services approval must be provided for licensing prior to issuance of business licence.

Fee information is subject to change without notice. Related materials are subject to change without notice. Please visit to the by-law section of this site for the latest fee schedule.