You need to have a permit to burn family fireworks in the city. The permit fee is $204.50.

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Types of Fireworks

You may only burn “Family Fireworks” in the city, with a permit.

  • Acceptable Family Fireworks
    • Showers
    • Fountains
    • Sparklers
    • Pinwheels
    • Roman candles
    • Similar devices

  • Unacceptable Fireworks
    • Cherry bombs
    • Flash crackers
    • Firecrackers
    • Throw-down torpedoes
    • Step-on torpedoes
    • Smoke bombs
    • Table rockets
    • Similar devices


If you set off family fireworks, you must:

  • Have a fully operational fire extinguisher ready for use.
  • Secure the fireworks in a stable base, like a bucket of sand
  • Use a butane BBQ lighter or ignition stick
  • Dispose defective fireworks according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Dispose used fireworks according to the manufacturer’s instructions, or soak them in water overnight
  • Use fireworks approve by the Explosives Act for sale or use in Canada
  • Keep spectators a safe distance away from the fireworks
  • Never leave fireworks unattended
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