Most buildings require a fire safety plan. It is Ontario law (Ontario Fire Code Division B, Section 2.8).

A fire safety plan helps protect residents from fire. It ensures that safety systems, equipment, and procedures are ready for use. The plan is unique to each building. Plans should be reviewed when there are changes in the use or features of the building.

If your building is larger or complex, you should hire a consultant to help you prepare the fire safety plan.

Submit Drawings

You will need to send us a fire safety plan, a site plan, and a floor plan. You can send these in two ways:


  • Include the building address for the plans
  • Include your contact information
  • Name all of your files with the street address of the business. For example: “101 Town Centre Blvd.doc”, “101 Town Centre Blvd Site Plan.tif”, “101 Town Centre Blvd Floor Plan.jpg”.

Contact Information

Fire Prevention Division
Markham Fire & Emergency Services
905.477.7000 extension 2210

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