• Use small grocery bags. Then, empty the material into a larger bag.
  • Keep recyclables separate from other waste. You can use the blue tinted bag we provide. Most litter is recyclable! You can recycle coffee cups, aluminum cans, and paper products.
  • Place garbage in the clear bags we give you. We won't collect tinted or dark bags.
  • Drop off recyclable materials like tires and scrap metal at any Markham's Recycling Depot.


  • Wear appropriate and protective clothes.
  • If you're near a road, always watch for vehicles.
  • Leave leaves, twigs, and plants on the ground.
  • Don't step on spring plants that may just be starting to grow. These include shrubs, bulbs, and flowers.
  • Don't pick up dangerous items like needles. You can call 905.477.5530 to report these items. You can also use the "Report a Problem" function on the Access Markham mobile app.
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