Public Space Recycling

Clean, public spaces, sidewalks and streets keeps Markham beautiful. It's everyone's responsibility to make sure our public spaces stay that way. It is illegal to litter and dump garbage in public spaces.

Street Bins

To reduce litter, there are over xxx public space recycling containers in Markham. You'll find them at transit stops and street corners, these bins are designed to increase recycling and reduce street litter. Please do your part and put your waste in the right place. You can really make a difference!

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Super Mailbox Recycling Program

In Markham, most residents get their mail at a community mailbox. To reduce litter from unwanted paper materials, we've put 2,500 large blue boxes by every Canada Post Super Mailbox in Markham. Mailbox recyclables are collected once a week on the same day as blue box collection.

Parks Recycling Program

There are more than 450 recycling containers in our parks and sport fields. Park recycling containers accept all blue box recyclables. There are also organics containers at our leash-free dog parks for your pet waste.

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