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As you get your yard and garden ready for the season,we have some tips to help you dispose of some common items you may be using for your outdoor transformations!

Plastic (clean) Flower Pots and Plant Trays Blue Box Recycling
Peat and Fibre Flower Pots Leaf and Yard Waste Bag
Grass Seed Bags
Soil Bags
Fertilizer Bags
Clear Bag Garbage
Grass Clippings
No Curbside Collection  Please leave grass clippings on your lawn as a natural fertilizer and to help soil retain water to promote root growth and a healthy lawn. 
Yard Material Collection Day  Leaf & yard material must be at the curb by 7 AM on your regular collection day, no sooner than 7PM the night before. 

For a list of other common items you may need to dispose of as you prep your gardens and lawns, Click Here.

Be a Good Neighbour & Recycle Right!

  • Keep organic waste and garbage out of the blue box! Check out the What Goes Where search tool!
  • DO NOT bag! Your clean recyclables must be kept loose for curbside pick-up, processing and resale.
  • Avoid windblown litter from your blue box:
    • Don't overload, keep material below the rim
    • Switch to a larger blue box 

Keep Collectors Safe! 

  • Masks, gloves, tissues and wipes go in your clear bag garbage. Do not place these items in your blue box. For the health and safety of our front line staff, bins containing these items will be left behind. 

Markham is breaking free from Single-use Plastics!

  •  Styrofoam Packaging is not collected at the curb. Take your clean Styrofoam to any Markham Recycling Depot where it is collected for proper recycling. 

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