Tire Recycling

Ontario generates more than 12 million used tires annually. To keep those tires out of landfills, they must be recycled. Tire producers are responsible for collecting and managing tires by reusing, retreading and recycling them.

Car and truck tires are no longer accepted at Markham Recycling Depots (effective July 2022). Tires, with or without rims, can be taken back to local retailers and garages for recycling. This can be done at no charge to you.

Why is the City no longer accepting tires at the recycling depots?

Tire producers are now responsible for collecting and recycling all used tires. Municipalities are no longer part of the tire recycling program as per Ontario legislation. Specifically, the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016.

Where can I take my tires for recycling?

There are over a 100 tire drop-off locations in Markham. This makes recycling your tires even easier. Local retailers who sell tires, like some Canadian Tire, Costco and Walmart locations, will accept used tires for recycling. To find a drop-off location near you, visit the Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority (RPRA) website.

Is there any cost to drop-off my tires for recycling?

No, any retailer that sells tires must allow residents to return tires at no charge.

Can I drop-off tires that are still attached to rims?

Yes, all tire drop-off locations must accept tires that are still attached to rims.

Is there a limit to how many tires I can drop-off?

Yes, a maximum of 10 tires can be dropped off per day per resident.

What types of tires are accepted at drop-off locations?

All car and light truck tires are accepted at drop-off locations. For larger tire types, please contact drop-off locations.

What are used tires recycled into?

Rubber sourced from used tires can be recycled into a variety of environmentally sustainable products including playground equipment and surfaces, athletic field turf and running tracks, landscape mulch, rubber flooring products, surfacing for walking trails, interlocking patio bricks, roofing shingles, parking curbs and speed bumps.

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