1. What is the Clear Bag Program?
    Effective April 30, 2013, you must place your garbage in clear bags. There will be no more bag limits or tags required. You can set out unlimited clear bags of non-recyclable garbage. If you have security concerns, use a small opaque bag inside the clear bag or place your clear bag inside a garbage can. Bags containing a lot of recyclable material may not be collected. Reminder - confidential papers/bills go in the Green Bin.

  2. Does renovation material get picked up with the garbage?
    Renovation materials will not be collected at the curb and must be brought to Miller Transfer Station on Rodick Road. For more information phone 905-477-5530.

  3. Can I put large appliances, like a fridge, at the curb for pick-up on collection day?
    Large appliances are collected once a month by appointment only. Please call 905-477-5530 to book and pay for a collection appointment ($10.50/each appliance).

  4. Can I put large, bulky items at the curb for pick-up on collection day?
    Bulky items are collected every two weeks on your regular garbage day. A special collection appointment is not required.

  5. When is my garbage picked up?
    Garbage is collected every other week on your regular collection day. Please follow the Waste Collection Schedule for your area.

  6. How should I dispose of objects with sharp edges?
    Any object with sharp edges must be labeled "broken glass/ sharp object" and wrapped in cardboard or placed in a cardboard box to cover any exposed or sharp edges so that it is safe to handle.

  7. Can wood be put out on my collection day?
    Yes, as long as you do the following: Wood must be bundled and tied securely with rope or tape. Each bundle must be under 1.2 m in length and not heavier than 18 kg; Make sure the bundles of wood are safe to handle by removing all the nails or by hammering them in.

  8. How do I set out carpet on garbage day?
    Carpets must be rolled up and tied with rope or string. Make sure the rolled carpet is safe to handle, with no protruding nails or staples. Carpet rolls cannot be longer than 1.2 m in length or weigh more than 18 kg. Maximum 8 rolls per collection day.
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