1. Can grass clippings be put out as yard waste?
    Markham does not collect grass clippings. Use a mulching lawnmower and leave grass clippings on your lawn. You can also recycle them in a backyard composter or bring them to the Public Drop-off Weekend Collection Centre.

  2. Can branches be put out as yard waste?
    Yes, if you follow these instructions: Place branches and brush out in string-tied bundles (no wire): Make sure each branch is 15cm or less in diameter and no longer than 1.2m; and, each bundle weighs less than 18kg.

  3. When is yard waste picked up?
    Leaf and Yard waste is collected every other week from late March to mid-December. Please follow the Waste Collection Schedule for your area.

  4. What containers can be used for yard waste?
    Place leaf and yard waste out for collection in biodegradable Kraft paper bags, open rigid containers or bushel baskets. Do not use any type of plastic bag.

  5. What is the proper way to dispose of sod?
    Small amounts of sod can be broken up and placed around the perimeter of your yard. Large amounts can be taken to the Bloomington Compost Site at 1351 Bloomington Road. For information, call 1.866.887.6457.
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