What's Accepted:

Please do not place recyclables in plastic grocery bags. Plastic bags are not recyclable in your building's recycling program. Place loose material into chute or designated container. 

If you're not sure whether an item is recyclable, please look it up using the What Goes Where tool.

What's Not Accepted:

  • Styrofoam such as packaging, meat trays, take-out food containers
  • Plastic bags, bubble wrap, overwrap, milk pouches
  • Plastic cutlery, drinking straws, coffee cup lids
  • Plastic toys or lawn furniture
  • Shredded paper, this goes in the green bin
  • Textiles - drop off at Markham textile donation bin
  • Batteries – drop off at Markham Recycling Depot, community centre or library
  • Hazardous waste such as paint or motor oil. Hazardous waste should be taken to York's Household Hazardous Waste Depot (HHW) for proper recycling and disposal.
  • Electronics – drop off at HHW

Bulky items such as sofas, chairs, furniture, and mattresses, consider donating for reuse or contact your superintendent for instructions.

Get a Blue Box or Blue Bag

Blue Boxes and reusable Blue Bags can be purchased at any Markham Recycling Depot. Blue bags cost $6.50 each.

Recycling Depots accept cheques and debit/credit cards only. They do not accept cash.

Recycling Reminders:

  • Items must be empty and clean, ensure all materials are free of grease, liquid or food. 
  • Recyclables should be placed loosely in your building's recycling containers. Do not put them in plastic bags.
  • Flatten your cardboard before putting it in the designated recycling container(s).
  • Oversized cardboard can be dropped off any Markham Recycling Depot.
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